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Technology for Trainers

My friend and mentor Thomas Toth’s new book Technology for Trainers arrived in my mailbox today.  I already had the chance to read it and I really enjoyed it.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a geek but I think building eLearning is fun and Thomas’ book is full of best practices for doing just that.  Thomas also walks you through leveraging skills used for designing ILT and applying them to eLearning.  He makes eLearning seem not so scary (because it isn’t).


I can’t tell you exactly when I met Thomas but it was at a former employer probably in 2007.  I attended a class he was facilitating and thought to myself, “Why am I not doing this?  He makes it look fun.”  I think I approached him after class and that started the first of many conversations about all things geeky.  I had left L&D for a little bit and Thomas was the catalyst that got me back to graduate school.  I wouldn’t be an Instructional Designer if it weren’t for Thomas.  I can’t thank him enough for his support!

I was honored when Thomas asked me to write a review of his book.  So if you flip it over that’s my two sentence review of his book (yes, it’s a crummy photo).  It’s good and I loved it!  I’m sure you will too.  (Isn’t that cool – it’s my name in print!).  You can pick up a copy at Amazon or through ATD.


Thomas recently started blogging again and if you like the technology side of Instructional Design, it’s worth checking out – Technology for Trainers.

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