Instructional Design Resources

I’ve been stumbling on some really interesting tools from the blogs and Tweets of L&D people that I follow.  Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t.  I thought it would be cool to start a page to keep track of them all.  I have more that I’ve been bookmarking – more to come.

Name Date What it does
Coolers 2/16 Generates color palates.  I’m not sure what makes it different from Adobe Color but both are free.
Affinity Photo Affinity Designer 2/16 $49.95 Photoshop alternative for the Mac.
Duarte Diagrammer 12/15 Lots of diagrams for PPT.  I’ve used quite a few in presentations.
Storyboard That 11/15 Free storyboard software.  I haven’t tried it.
Foter 11/15 Free photos.
Subtle Patterns 10/15 Patterns for photoshop.
Mozilla Open Badges 9/15 Badges for gamification.
Design Seeds 8/15 Color palettes based upon photos.
Canva 8/15 Free/cheap graphic design web based.

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