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Ginger and Thomas Toth

Thomas Toth, Learning! Champion

It seems like February 2, 2016 was a long time ago but it was a great day because it was the day I received the email that Thomas Toth, my mentor, earned the 2016 Learning! Champion Award from eLearning! Magazine. We were under a blackout and couldn’t talk about it until May. If you want to learn more about […]

  • Ginger Nichols,
  • May 1, 2016

Peyton Manning & Instructional Design

Was never a big football fan. I moved to Denver in 1998. I spent Super Bowl Sunday 1998 when the Broncos won their second Super Bowl on the Ski Train to Winter Park because the tickets were buy one get one free. And no, I don’t ski. However, there is something magical about this town […]

  • Ginger Nichols,
  • March 6, 2016

The Allen Experience

On October 6th, I attended The Allen Experience hosted by Allen Interactions. It was in Denver as part of the Training Magazine Online Learning pre-conference events. Went to a session with Ethan Edwards at ATD ICE this summer and an hour about building better eLearning wasn’t enough so when this was in my backyard I […]

Books I'm reading and blogging about.

Technology for Trainers

My friend and mentor Thomas Toth’s new book Technology for Trainers arrived in my mailbox today.  I already had the chance to read it and I really enjoyed it.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a geek but I think building eLearning is fun and Thomas’ book is full of best practices for doing just that.  Thomas […]

Books I'm reading and blogging about.

The Accidental Instructional Designer

I just finished reading Cammy Bean’s The Accidental Instructional Designer Learning Design for the Digital Age.  A new member was added to my team at work to help me with Instructional Design duties.  He has extensive video and photography experience but no ID experience.  He attended Cammy Bean’s webinar hosted by Training Magazine and found […]

  • Ginger Nichols,
  • November 9, 2014