Chalk, Blackboards and Lecture

Tonight was my first meeting of Adult Education and Learning class. I took two online classes this summer and I was really looking forward to getting back in to a traditional classroom setting. I happen to be the rare adult who enjoys “sit and git” or the “sage on the stage” kind of training. I will hide in the back of your class, take everything in and just hope that you don’t notice me. That’s kind of what I was expecting for this class. Lecture and then we’d get tested on it a few weeks later.

Wow was I wrong.

I was pleasantly surprised tonight. Our instructor actually used adult learning theory to teach class. We were up and moving. Sharing our experiences. Meeting people in class. Working in small groups. He even drew a stick figure picture of himself on the chalkboard with the caption “Yay, you moved your chairs!” He made a 3 hour class fly by. I think this class is going to get me out of my comfort zone and although I hate it, I think it’s going to be super cool.

I’m excited to be back in school. I think the theories behind adult education are so interesting. It’s going to be good to go a little lo-tech for this class too. I was surprised when we walked into the classroom and it had chalkboards. Do elementary schools have chalkboards anymore???? The instructor just got an email address a few years ago. We have to hand in papers to him before class. He’d prefer not to have them emailed to him. I’m just coming off two online classes from the summer and I was really surprised by that. I think this class is going to challenge me.

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