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I’m not a prolific blogger. I blog when I’m inspired so there could potentially be months between posts. I thought two blogs on my website, how am I going to do that. I’m going to reserve this space for thoughts, quotes, advice and inspirations. Some fun things if you will. Plus I recently downloaded Adobe Post, it has lots of free photos that you can put text over.

Unicorn designers who code


I follow inVision on Facebook. It’s a web design company that I think is really creative. Nick Fredman posted an article on the in Blog about becoming a Unicorn. What is a Unicorn? It’s a designer who codes. I don’t know why this continually surprises me but there are parallels in the design world and […]


I’ve been working in PowerPoint a lot lately. It made me think about grad school and reading Edward Tufte. If you do a Google search you can read his writing about PPT and the Challenger disaster or here’s a brief essay about PPT being evil from Wired. It’s a fine tool for presentations when it’s […]

Cammy Bean

I came across this quote from Cammy Bean and I’m not sure where it came from. I read her book The Accidental Instructional Designer with a co-worker that I was mentoring. This is a great quote. eLearning can be incredibly dry and we as IDs/eLearning Developers have it within our power to do something to change […]


I sent a message to an Instructional Technologist friend and said something about when I design training, I’ve found that learners will only tolerate so much “cheese.”  I explained that you can make activities fun but too much fun and learners think it’s cheesy.  To which he replied, “I don’t design cheese. I design engaging, […]

eReading is not eLearning.

This had to be my favorite quote of all of ATDTK 2016.  If we are just going to make learners read slide after slide of text, wouldn’t a handout or an email serve the same purpose?  (I love Adobe Post by the way.  It’s a cool iPhone app to put text over photos.)


Matt Nathanson is my Instructional Design partner. I love music. When I’m stuck or need a break it helps me to take my mind off of my project work for a little bit. When I’m getting close to a deadline I can put my headphones on and just keep going. Matt Nathanson is pretty cool […]